Distance Learning

Creative Learning Factory's Newest Addition!

The Creative Learning Factory is home to one of the nation's premiere providers of Distance Learning content. Our award-winning program offers interactive, informative and engaging experiences that bring history to life reinforcing the importance of the past with real-life experiences.

Our catalog of more than 20 live, interactive programs cover everything from Ohio's geologic history and prehistoric Native American cultures through the Civil War and into the issues facing our country today. Formats vary from game shows like our "So You Know" series, to first-person interpretation and question-and-answer sessions with experts in the field, and each show is customizable to the age and content standards needed to reinforce learning in a unique and fun way.

We were one of the first content providers to partner with community organizations and retirement communities, helping to foster opportunities for life-long learning and engagement with our nation's history. In 2012, we have also become one of the first major content providers to deliver our full catalog to desktop computers, allowing schools and organizations without traditional videoconference equipment to experience live, interactive learning over a basic internet connection.

Feel free to contact our Distance Learning program at or by phone at (800)-640-7679, or use our program catalog below to schedule your next session and make history come alive!

Distance Learning in progress!

Ask the Archaeologist
Can She Trust You?
Exploring History: Glaciers, Grooves, Fens and Forts
Holiday Programs
Mound Building Cultures
Picture This: Interpreting the Past with Photographs
Pieces of the Past: Introduction to Primary Sources
Show Me, Tell Me: The Impact Europeans Had On American Indians
So You Know Ohio?
So You Know the Civil War?
So You Know the Election?
So You Know the Founding Documents?
So You Know the U.S. Government?
The Wright Method: Scientific Inquiry and the Process of Invention
You Can Make History: Home Sweet Home
You Can Make History: Trees, Trees, Trees
You Can Make History: What Shall I Do Today?