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The Creative Learning Factory at the Ohio History Connection is your premier source for live, interactive, engaging, distance learning experiences. Our diverse catalog of award-winning, standards-based, cross-curricula programming is an innovative means of learning and discussion for K-12 students, educators, and lifelong learners of all ages.  Our programming can be easily accessed across the country through Zoom, free and easy-to-use video conferencing software, from a tablet or PC, or with standard H.323 video conferencing equipment.

Programs are available on an on-demand basis and can be scheduled through the CILC website or by clicking any of the program titles listed below.  Please make sure you are logged in to the CILC website before clicking any of the links below.

Our staff of highly experienced distance learning professionals is available to assist you! Contact us at or by phone at 1.800.640.7679 with any questions about our programming or connectivity options. Experience a new level of learning and interactivity with the Creative Learning Factory!

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Ask the Archaeologist (Grades 3 - Adults)
Back to the Fifties: Behind the American Dream (Grades 7 - Adults)
Can She Trust You? (Grades 4 - Adults)
Exploring History: Glaciers, Grooves, Fens and Forts (Grades 3 - Adults)
Holiday Programs (Grades 3 - Adults)
Mound Building Cultures (Grades 4 - Adults)
Picture This: Interpreting the Past with Photographs (Grades 3 - Adults)
Pieces of the Past: Introduction to Primary Sources (Grades 4 - Adults)
Show Me Tell Me About American Indian Culture (Grades 2 - 6)
So You Know Ohio (Grades 4 - Adults)
So You Know the Civil War (Grades 4 - Adults)
So You Know the Election (Grades 4 - Adults)
So You Know the Founding Documents? (Grades 4 - Adults)
So You Know the U.S. Government? (Grades 4 - Adults)
The Wright Method (Grades 4 - Adults)
Vision of Unity: The Story of Tecumseh (Grades 7 - Adults)
You Can Make History: Home Sweet Home (Grades 1 - 3)
You Can Make History: Trees, Trees, Trees (Grades 1 - 3)
You Can Make History: What Shall I Do Today? (Grades 1 - 3)
You Can Make History: What Shall I Wear Today (Grades 1 - 3)